Kelly Preston on the Today Show Answers Questions on Silent Birth

Kelly Preston was on the Today show this morning, answering questions on her wonderful new son Benjamin, her birth, she came up with the name, and the subject of Scientology and “silent birth“.

She told Today:

image“Silent birth is basically just no words, as much as possible, Preston explained in response to the Today show host’s’ question of what exactly a “silent birth” means.

“But just bringing them in as peaceful and gentle a way as possible because L. Ron Hubbard found the single source of aberration of psychosomatic illnesses – stress, fears, worry, things like that – have to do with the reactive mind. And in that part of the mind is different words and commands that can come back and affect you later in life.”

“I’m blessed…my kids have always been amazing,” she told “Today.” “Very calm, very peaceful, happy…and I absolutely know that it’s very much because of that.”

Watch the video above for the full interview.  For more information on how Scientologists handle birth and newborns, see our section on Scientology & silent birth, as well as this article on Scientology & newborn babies.


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